Annual Season: Sept 9-Apr 30
Fall Session: Sept 9-Dec 22
Spring Session: Jan 6-Apr 30

Nov 25-30, Dec 23-Jan 5, Jan 20, Feb 17-19, Apr 6-10
Parents are responsible for reading and following the policies. Parents are responsible for keeping their payment information updated.


  • The Monthly Tuition is due the 1st week of each month. Payments are received online @www.dipacenter.com.
  • Tuition payment including summer camp tuition is non-refundable.
  • Production fees, costume fees, registration fees and camp tuition are non-refundable.
  • There is $35 late fee for all tuition payments received after the 1st of each month. All payments made after the 1st should include the $35 late fee.
  • There is a $35 NSF charge.
  • All costume fees received after the due date should include a $50 late costume payment fee.

There are no refunds for tuition including summer camp, picture, costumes and production fees.

All fees paid at time of registration are non-refundable. There is a $25/per family new family registration fee, a $60/per family performance fee covering annual production costs, and
a $150/per family ticket fee that provides 10 tickets per family for the annual spring production (Immediate family members of all performing dancers receive free VIP entry to the

The Fall Session focusing on technique classes runs from September through December. The Spring Session focusing on production and choreography runs from January through April. Tuition is due the 1st of each month. There are no tuition reductions or refunds for absentees or holidays. All balances must be paid in full prior to the Annual Spring Production for dancers to perform in the Annual Spring Production.

There is a $35 NSF fee for ALL returned checks. Please be advised after the 3rd week of each month, if a student’s account is not current that student will not be admitted into class until account is made current.

Costume fees will be due December 1. Any costume fees received after December 1st need to include an additional $50/per family late costume payment fee.

Tour Team: $75
Ballet: $85
Jazz: $85
Modern: $50
HipHop: $85
Tap $85
Adults: $100/per class Tap: $85
Competition/Privates: $85

Instructional Privates: diPA will now make private sessions available for students seeking focussed instruction to enhance their current dance curriculum in the areas they find they may need individual attention on Saturdays. Instructional privates have a minimum of 4 private sessions at $65/hr for diPA students & $85/hr for non diPA students. Instructional private fees must be paid directly to the instructor at time of class instruction.

Choreographic Privates: diPA will now make choreographic privates available for seasoned studio dancers interested in learning a solo piece to be performed at competition and the annual spring recital. Choreographic privates must begin every Saturday in January through March at $65/hr. Choreographic private fees must be paid directly to the choreographer at time of class. This hourly fee does not cover the additional associated costume fee.


Per registration contract, diPA & diPA Center has the right to use photos and video footage of performances, performers, and all participants of events for advertising and promotional purposes. There will be a $35 video fee due January 8. This fee will cover professional videography costs for videography of annual spring performance. This fee will provide families a copy of the spring annual performance. No outside videography, photos, or media is permitted. Spectators are not allowed to take video or pictures of in class rehearsals or on stage performances. All pictures taken by family members or parents of community performances are to be used for personal use and not solicited on social media.

Summer camp will be held June 1st – 26th in Douglasville.

The summer camp payment plan can be incorporated in the 12-month payment plan for all members carrying positive tuition payment records.

All other families must submit a $250 non-refundable deposit on March 15th along with two final balance payments on April 15th and May 15th.

All summer camp payments are due prior to summer camp and are non-refundable.

It is expected that parents contact the studio regarding absences for any reason.
Students exceeding 5 absences during the fall (Sept-Dec) and 4 absences during the spring (Jan-Apr) will be evaluated by the Artistic Director as to whether they will be eligible to perform in the annual production. Students exceeding 9 absences for the year could result in changing of level for the following dance year.

Repeated absences may result in termination of lessons. Tour Team dancers are held at a higher standard and are expected to be present at ALL class instructions and rehearsals.

Students who are 5 or more minutes late to class will be considered tardy. Four (2) tardy arrivals will be equal to one absence.

Please notify the Director of any injuries. Students are expected to come to class for observation if injured.

Please notify the office if your child will be missing class due to illness.

Any conduct unbecoming, such as disrespectful communication and not adhering to the policies of diPA & diPA Center will be subject to disciplinary action and may, if warranted, result in immediate dismissal from the program.

diPA Center is not responsible for providing care before or after classes to students. For excessive late pickups, there could be an additional charge.

Moving forward, diPA Center will uphold the strictest regulation of not sharing any client services, agreements or personal information with other clients.

No food or drink will be permitted in the dance studio. No parents allowed in the back student study center.

Parents are expected to bring children to class dressed and ready for class. Students are expected to use the restroom and be ready for class 5 minutes before class begins.

To provide security, we ask all parents to walk their student into the front door. Dropping off and picking up students from the back entry will no longer be permitted for safety reasons.

Students should be fully dressed in proper attire and prompt. Students are expected to also prepare for class at home by stretching at least 30 minutes every day at home outside of class days.

Students are asked to put on cover-ups and street shoes in the front of the studio. Parents are required to come inside through the front entrance of the studio to pick up their student due to safety reasons.

We believe at diPA that part of our responsibility is to teach dance with the discipline of life skills such as integrity, respect, teamwork, independence, ownership, self-confidence, and service. We do these things through the structure of our class and curriculum. We also ask parents to partner with diPA by leading their dancers through the modeling of proper behavior and communication.

Moving forward diPA will have an annual parent orientation in September and parent pre-production meeting in January. We ask one parent from each family to be in attendance.

Helping you be aware of the events and details of diPA Center, Inc is very important. Please (1) refer to the website that will be updated frequently, (2) open all diPA email blasts and read in its entirety, and (3) listen fully to all voicemail broadcasts.

If you have questions or concerns, please email them to dipacenter@gmail.com. Parents should communicate all questions and concerns to the main office via this process. Instructors should not be addressed by the parent. Each instructor’s main responsibility is teaching and overseeing the wellness of each child during their time in the classroom.

Parents can best support and help diPA Center by (1) making sure students are punctual and on time for class with a high attendance record, (2) making sure students are properly dressed for class, (3) making sure tuition is paid ON TIME, (4) drawing more families to diPA by spreading the word, and (5) getting as many people to this year’s spring annual performance as possible.

Looking Forward To An Awesome Year!